Before "I A.M. Dance" going to Dance Class was not something we had the luxury of doing in Athens, TX.  Parents would have to commute over an hour to take our kids to a place where they could Dance. That was my main objective for opening this studio.....to give these kids a place where they can dance and have fun a little closer to home! Dance has been a part of my life for the past 30 years.  I want I A.M DANCE to create a competitive force in the Dance community.  Having students learn & train with me and my staff of experienced teachers and then taking our teams to competitions and events. And being able to come home with awards and trophies to show that our efforts have paid off is one of the most rewarding feelings. 

I want people to say...."Wow, those kids from I A.M. DANCE are amazing!"

Studio Owner/Director/Choreographer


I-AM-DANCE-2018-Amanda McLean